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Truck and Trailer Freight Tarping

“Secure Your Freight!”

In recognition of the need for a steady, local supply of quality truck tarps at an affordable price, IMS West now offers our high-quality tarps for sale to the general public, as well as our warehouse and shipping customers. Tarps are available for local pick-up at our nationwide freight shipping facility. We are pleased to provide local and long-haul flatbed and semi-truck drivers the opportunity to buy our tarps at a great price! We have yet to see a lower price on tarps of this quality anywhere in the entire region.

Buy Heavy-Duty Freight Tarps

Flatbed and Semi-Truck Trailer Tarps

IMS West is proud to be your best local source for professional-grade, heavy-duty freight tarps. As the region’s dedicated oversized equipment warehousing and transport service provider, IMS West keeps an extensive selection of durable tarps in-stock and available for purchase at all times.

About Our Freight Shipping & Storage Tarps

Lumber, Coil, Steel, Machinery and Oversized Truck Tarps

IMS West has a wide selection of tarps and supplies available to serve the needs of many types of industrial freight shippers, as well as construction and consumer applications. We carry heavy-duty reinforced machinery, lumber, steel, coil, and oversized truck tarps in a variety of weights to meet your needs, as well as tie-downs and accessories. Our tarps are ideal for providing protective cover during storage, as well as local and long-haul shipping.


We are pleased to offer our Freight Tarping Service to help keep your freight on-time –and professionally contained. When you purchase your tarp from us, our employees can place the tarp over your freight to secure it and help protect it whether placing the equipment into storage or shipping out.

Commercial Truck Tarp Installation

Avoid the Strain, Stress & Risk!

Commercial and industrial truck tarps are quite large. They can weigh well upwards of 300 lbs. The work of installing these freight tarps can be challenging, strenuous – and dangerous – even for seasoned drivers. Tarp application can also pose a significant liability hazard for anyone, especially solo drivers, newer tarp handlers, and less experienced drivers.

When you buy your tarp from IMS West, you can take advantage of our professional tarp installation service. Our popular professional semi-truck and trailer tarp installation service is now available for commercial trucking companies, shipping, freight forwarding and logistics service providers, owner operators, and ALL IMS West retail tarp customers!

IMS West truck with tarped freight on the road

Why Professional Tarp Installation?

Properly Secured Freight = Less Risk & Greater Safety

While it is possible for just about anyone to learn how to install a freight tarp, this may be a task best left to the professionals. There is no need to place your drivers at unnecessary risk of injury and death by having them climb up on their trucks in hazardous windy and wet weather conditions. At IMS West, our team is dedicated to adhering to all industry safety protocols to ensure that your freight is properly secured. If you want to ensure that your tarp is installed correctly – and safely – consider having your tarp professionally installed at IMS West.

FAST Pro Tarp Installation

Helping Freight Transport Shipments Stay On-Time

The professional tarp installation team at IMS West has extensive experience properly securing heavy freight for transport to destinations nationwide throughout the United States. Let IMS West install your heavy industrial tarp safely and efficiently. We can help your driver stay focused on what matters – getting your products to market as soon as possible!

Request Tarp Installation for Your Freight Load

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Secure your freight with IMS West’s professional tarp installation service! For the fastest service, call ahead as far in advance as possible and let us know when you plan to arrive. Be prepared to provide your truck’s dimensions or the tarp size you need.

Call IMS West at (304) 637-7030.

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